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More Than Just a Party.

At Bat Mitzvah Club, we’re not your typical after-school Hebrew class. We’re able to give your daughter a more lasting experience that she’ll find extremely fulfilling.

We will explore the beauty of mitzvot, on a personal and profound level.

Consider this: our program has a more relevant impact than any lavish party could give them.

Their year at the BMC will contain all of the core, essential ideas and information about their Jewish souls. They’ll leave our program with pride in becoming a powerful Jewish woman, an understanding of their future potential and with messages of empowerment that they’ll keep with them beyond their Bat Mitzvah celebration.


Filled with Fun!

Great Discussions 

Our BMC meetings cover ‘tween topics and are filled with activities that guide girls into adulthood with grace, G-d and giggles. Bat Mitzvah Club conveys what being a Bat Mitzvah really is — in a fresh and fun way!

New Friends

During the course of the BMC year, our girls will learn to become authentic, more considerate, empathic, and generous. With meetings loaded with friends, food and fun, they’ll make friends and find ways to deal with “frenemies.”

Glow Girls

Our members will learn about their soul and how to make it shine … all essential, universal principles to help guide them to becoming a young, responsible adult and the pillar of their future family.

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