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More Than Just a Party!

Welcome to the Cambridge Bat Mitzvah Club!


We’re not your typical after-school Hebrew class. We’re here to provide your daughter with a lasting and meaningful experience that will stay with her long after the party is over. At our state-of-the-art classrooms, we will explore the beauty and relevance of Mitzvot and nurture your daughter’s personal connection to Jewish values. After a year at Cambridge BMC, your daughter will have a newfound pride and confidence in what it means to be a Jewish woman, and she will be inspired by models of Jewish women throughout history, empowering her to fulfill her unique potential.  


Filled with Fun!

Great Discussions 

Our BMC meetings cover tween topics and are filled with activities that guide girls into adulthood with grace, G-d, and giggles. Bat Mitzvah Club conveys what being a Bat Mitzvah girl really is — in a fresh and fun way!

New Friends

During the course of the BMC year, our girls will learn to be more authentic, considerate, empathetic, and generous. With meetings loaded with friends, food, and fun, they’ll make friends and find ways to deal with “frenemies.”

Glow Girls

Each girl will learn about her soul and how to make it shine and about Jewish ideals to help guide her to become a young responsible adult and pillar of her future family and community.

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